Some relationships are simply not disposable. Although families crumble every day because of anything from finances to lifestyles, I am convinced that this is not necessary, and when people don’t know how to have the difficult conversations to put the fragments back together, that’s where I can help. I am trained as a conciliator, to help with broken marriages, sibling relationships, Parent/child fractures (even when the “child” is grown – it’s not too late). Don’t give up – get help and make it work.

Services We Offer

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The judicial system is overcrowded and expensive. Parties have to wait weeks and months to get a hearing, and often over a year to finish a case. When you give a case to judge, you do so under a set of tight rules about what he or she can accept as evidence, and then it is out of your control, other than to accept and follow the orders of the court. Mediation puts the parties back in control of their own lives, to settle a dispute with the help of a facilitator. Control your own resolutions.



Are you ready to take the next step in your idea for a non-profit or for-profit project? You may need to form a legal organization, change an existing organization, or learn how to manage the legalities so that your legal status is more than a shell that can be easily broken, exposing your personal assets. Creating and maintaining an effective legal business structure is more than filling out an online form on a state website. If you are going to start and protect a new venture, do it right the first time, with professional guidance.



Having been a deputy prosecutor, deputy public defender, private defense counsel, counsel for local government and special judge, I’ve seen the judicial system from different angles, and I know that sometimes disputes must be settled by a judge in a courtroom. From million dollar cases to criminal cases, you need help navigating the system of hearings and words you don’t understand. I do understand and I understand well enough to know that even an attorney shouldn’t represent themselves. Accept help. The fee is less costly than the alternative.




 Personnel issues, grievances, criminal cases, corporate problems, backgrounds: these matters all come down to fact finding. We offer professional investigations, as well as process service, in order to gather facts so you can make your next decision, whether it is litigation, mediation, conciliation, or anything else.  Don't simply rely on someone else's explanation. Let us help you find the truth and use it to your benefit. 



Solutions don’t always come as a result of applying current law. Lobbying isn’t just a solution for giant corporations and industries, it is simply the act of a professional representative speaking to legislators to change the law. Everyone from individuals to nonprofits to bigger corporations can engage in persuading senators and representatives to support specific laws to make life better. I am trained and experienced in just that.