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The value placed on virtues is becoming less.I confess that I’m no virtuoso of good habits and manners, but neither am I virtue-less. From capital cities to celebrities, down to working class parents and kids, virtues are something we hardly ever address. Some will say after this regime or that, we must take time to convalesce, but I say if we catch ourselves blaming the problem on government, we must reassess.

Temperance, Wisdom, Justice and Courage are traits that Plato and Aristotle opined that we should all possess, and to the value of Faith, Hope and Charity the church would attest, but the counterparts of these characteristics continue to aggress.

So what shall we do? There’s no time to rest . . . The church and the government are just trying to impress. The more we suppress the virtues in the name of “success,” the more we erode personal finesse and our collective largesse.

On my children I will press, and to the public I express, the danger and impending distress caused by the virtue-less.

Exaggeration for the sake of Justice,

Reckless speech to avoid “Political correctness,”

Nonsense to lighten the weight of Wisdom,

Caution in place of Courage, and

Reasonable investments as an alternative to Charity.

All this works together, and Virtue is suppressed.

Fantasy and Fabrication must be distinguished from Faith

and access to Hope must not be dispossessed.

Our world is suffering from schism, and virtues must rise if we are to coalesce.

The apparent ambivalence toward coalescence is a symptom of the hopelessness;

Even though I disapprove of the transgressions, I confess that I acquiesce, nevertheless.

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