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unspoken (an effort at empathy)

An Effort at Empathy:

How long can I hide my incompetence?

They will surely see through the veil today.          (professional)

I hear him coming – he and his belt

Will mom let him again?

I was just trying to play.           (girl in closet)

So many attack

even friends viciously betray

Why should helping the people be this way?        (politician)

I need to be me

Stop calling that a sin!

You be you, and they are they

Try to understand what it is to be born this way.        (LGBT)

Comprehend my being

and not just my body

Your shallow interest in the latter is destroying the former        (female)

I am a human, like you

but with less at the moment

Don’t assume criminality – I’m not your opponent             (homeless)

I wear blue to serve – not to abuse

judge me by the news

and society will lose                 (cop)

People are looking – hearing my voice

Talking back at me – too many

just go away.                     (introvert)

I’m still me in here

just one piece of the body fails to function

overlook that, and friendship is unction              (disabled)

You claim your successes

Though accomplished by my sweat

Sometimes my fortitude or even my brain

but ordinary respect you deny me yet                 (dark skinned)

I take the blame and the credit for problems all over

It’s me with the privilege – I am the sower.

But I’m just living my life – no harm meant

I didn’t choose my path

Can’t give it up for lent.                         (light skinned)

Malign and attack!

Find the fault and scream!

We’re better than them, keep hammering

Good will surely come from our letting off steam.               (society)

Without empathy I am Static.

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He was poor, and prided himself upon the independence that poverty gives; for what will not a man pride himself upon when he cannot get rid of it? – Geo. Macdonald

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