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I woke up to the sound of rain and thunder again yesterday morning. There’s not much that puts a damper on a day for a motorcycle trip like waking up to rain and thunder. Thankfully, I was prepared for this, as I had watched the news the night before enough to see that scattered showers were forecast. So I looked at the radar and instead of admitting defeat and climbing into the Toyota to drive to my conference in Northwest Arkansas, I waited out the storm.


Once I made it to Rogers, I caught the opening session of the conference and then moved on to the BMW shop in Bentonville. The guys that run this shop are great people and deserve your business if you need good motorcycle stuff. They took my bike in to fix a fuel sensor problem and some parasitic staples that had found my tire somewhere in south Louisiana. (yes, I carried them in the tire that long – air wasn’t leaking as long as they were lodged in)

Screenshot (233)

One for road, one for dirt, and one for cruising.

But that’s too much. I don’t have the money or the garage space, and I wouldn’t want to keep any of them outside. So I stuck with good ole Lib. Again. Sometimes I feel guilty for my wandering eye, but then I see something like this and I indulge. I can’t help looking.

Screenshot (239)

I always come back to Lib though. We’ve been through hard rain, sleet, long trips, nasty mud, gnarly rocks and heavy traffic. I know where everything goes and she responds well to my every request. So tomorrow, I’ll attend my final class and then mount up for a hopefully pleasant ride home. Maybe we’ll even find a little dirt, because we can.

sexy me

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