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Misappropriated H8

A weak minded person needs someone to hate:

a target for stones, an object to berate.

They find the subjects by judging their message:

“If they challenge my position, of course I’m irate!”

The intellectually challenged move in herds.

The herd is king, and principles are just words.

Value is in power – might makes right;

and if the right lacks might they take from the non-erudite.

Faith is like clay, to mold, form and bake

into whatever will render subjects frail enough to take.

When that which is sacred is placed before the masses

those who cast it are to blame for it being stomped like grasses.

The weak minded ones must have people to despise.

It gives them an enemy about whom to spread lies.

Lies to be bought and purchased and re-sold

until even the manufacturer mistakes them for gold.

So keep your fingers on the triggers, and hands on your knives

so when those worth hating come threatening,

we can gamble our lives.

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#hate #poetry #politics

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