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I’m thankful for my family. No really. I am. I know that sounds trite this time of year, but hear me out. I have seen one too many families fall apart. Maybe some not so much “fell apart,” as were violently but slowly and agonizingly pulled apart by seemingly invisible, giant claws. Decisions.

Mine is still together. But by God’s Grace Alone, there go I.

I feel compelled to help others pull together when and where I can. Because relationships shouldn’t be given up over things smaller than the relationship. Race issues, culture issues, lifestyle issues, momentary offenses costing a lifetime of grudge and dissonance. These things shouldn’t dissect otherwise close relationships.

So find someone to forgive. Don’t sacrifice the comfortable and healing presence of a loved one to your own pride, or your inability to bridge the gap that has grown between you.

There are professionals that can help. Counselors and Therapists can help you cope with the weight you carry, and Conciliators (me, for example) can help you find a remedy to the dispute, patch and heal the broken relationship, confess and forgive wrongs and hurts, and restore love and trust.

Don’t give up. It can be fixed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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