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let justice roll

So much. Misconduct. Bad behavior. Accusations. Ruined lives. Ruined careers. Battered victims. Lying “victims.” Lying perpetrators. Battered “perpetrators.”

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Dr. Ford says that Judge Kavanaugh – long before she was a PhD or he was a JD – got on top of her on a bed at a party in high school, put his hand over her mouth to stifle the screaming, and further assaulted her somehow. They were two wealthy, privileged, drunk spring breaker kids in an un-chaperoned party, and now thirty-whatever years later, what happened then has become a top priority problem for the U.S. government.

So I get the idea that she didn’t deserve that (no one does), and I accept the fact that victims often don’t talk for years for good reasons, and that this was a life changer for her and it wasn’t for him (unjustly so if it happened as she claims). I’ve spent years working in the legal sexual abuse arena and I’ve known some who couldn’t talk about what we knew (from other sources) happened; some (my own client, for example) who said something happened that was physically impossible; and some children who found the courage to speak about repeated assaults because they didn’t yet understand the stigma or because they recognized the importance.

What I don’t get is the assumption by so many that this is a banner for them to carry politically, to declare their party a winner of a skirmish of some sort. Have I missed the fact that one party has a monopoly on pure-hearted, non-lascivious leaders? I don’t think so. I think that when a Democrat gets caught with his pants down, the Republicans hold up the moral compass as if to educate the Democrats, and when an R gets caught with his pants down, the D’s raise the white linen flag of purity as though they own the high ground.

What I don’t get is why we are not talking about the hazards of underage drinking, unsupervised kids, or spoiled elitist rich kids. Or how common it is for people in high positions to leave a wake of destruction behind them to get there. How many of the examiners in the Senate are silently thanking their gods that they aren’t the one in the hot seat, and hoping no one comes forward about their sins?

While all this is directing the attention of the masses to Washington D.C., most of the membership of the Arkansas State Supreme Court has been cited with ethics violations regarding their treatment of a lower court judge.

I’ve been disillusioned a lot lately, but honestly, none of the above comes as a surprise. There are some judges, on the Arkansas Supreme Court and elsewhere, that I hold in high regard, but there are many JDs and PhDs alike that attained their positions not because of irreproachable moral fiber throughout their lives, so much as an ability to think analytically as adults, and I think that might should be the prevailing standard. If we judge and disqualify our leaders by their moral fiber we will likely never have leaders. And yes, I was saying that when other leaders were questioned as well. Ben Franklin would never have survived such a test. And what about Thomas Jefferson? He thought well and wrote well, but have you ever heard of Sally Hemmings? Look it up. Men need to stop being jack-asses. Women aren’t all that pure either.

“All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

With all this said, I will confess that I don’t have an opinion on what should happen to Judge Kavanaugh, Dr. Ford, or our state “Justices,” and that’s ok, because if I did have an opinion, it wouldn’t affect the outcome.

What I will say is, may the truth of these matters be known clearly to those deciding the outcomes, and “Let Justice Roll.”

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