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invisible (to the naked eye)

I am amazed at all the invisible things around us. I am further astonished at how many invisible things we accept as real, on faith, and how many we reject as real, on faith.


I have bad eyesight. I am both nearsighted and farsighted, so I wear progressive lenses in my glasses, which means when I look at things I’m always trying to make sure I look through the few millimeters of my lenses to see the object in focus. But no matter what type of lenses I wear, I cannot see light at a wavelength of below 400 or above 700 nanometers. That means while I can see red at one end of the defined segment of the electromagnetic spectrum, my eyes fail to perceive infrared, because it’s just a hair (actually less) longer wavelength. Also, I cannot detect ultraviolet, because it’s just a tad shorter wavelength than violet. So who knows what color those flowers really are?

The thing is, I believe infrared and ultraviolet exist. I really can’t explain why I believe these two “colors” exist other than people who seem to know say they do, and I can’t prove otherwise. No one has ever proven to me that these invisible colors do exist though. I take it on faith.

Faith in who though? Someone I’ve never met and likely never will. Why should I have faith in the truthfulness of a complete stranger? No idea.

On the other hand, I do not believe leprechauns exist. I don’t. But I’ve seen more pictures of leprechauns than I have of ultraviolet flowers, and as a matter of fact, once when I hiked part of the eastern coast of Ireland, I saw what very well could have been a hole where a leprechaun might live. (London V) I say this to suggest that I have just as much reason to say little mischievous Irish men live and move gold (which is real) around at the bases of rainbows (which exist) as I do to say there are colors in the rainbow which I cannot see.

This makes my head hurt. Why do I or anyone else accept on faith the things we accept on faith? As far as I can tell, everyone has some things they accept without proof, usually on someone’s word, and some things they refuse to accept because they have no proof, regardless of anyone’s word.

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What have you people out there accepted or rejected regardless of “proof?” Talk to me.

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