Emmanuel Pantokrator

Christmas has come and gone. But even in the absence of Christmas: Emmanuel. God is with us. He doesn’t leave when the decorations come down, or the tree becomes a fish habitat, or even when the presents lose their newness. He remains, as He always has been and always will be.

And its not just the 9 pound baby Jesus that persists. It is the Pantokrator. Χριστὸς Παντοκράτωρ. The Almighty.

So if we mash the Christmas God – baby Jesus – with the Revelation God – the Almighty Creator, and throw in the Greek, we get Emmanuel Pantokrator. Quite a powerful concept. The Almighty Creator right here with me. With anyone that accepts Him.

What does that mean in a practical sense? That means if I’m doing something within His will, He is at my side – within me even – to push me long. On the other hand if I am engaged in an activity which contradicts His will, the Creator will either help me stop and redirect or allow me to make my mistake, as I wish. Freewill.

If my desire is to break my worst habit or to become my best me, Emmanuel Pantokrator. The entity that arranged the stars of Pleiades and gave our Planet Earth its first spin is waiting to partner with me. Little, miniscule me.

Isn’t that why He created us in the first place? He partnered with Adam initially. Pantokrator created the animal, and Adam named them. God didn’t need a partner – He wanted one.

A few millenia later came Emmanuel, again seeking partnership. The truth is, God had been seeking partnership with Isreal (the family) all along, as He repeatedly stated both happily and mournfully: “I will be their God and they will be my people.” But when Christ came in flesh, He wanted to live with us, to feel our pain, to experience our lives, to understand and redeem our sin. Emmanuel. He still chose partnership though. He had disciples and apostles to work with Him, to carry out His will together. He wasn’t and isn’t imposing this on anyone – He is blessing us with the privilege to work with a Master. Pantokrator.

I look forward to 2019 as an opportunity to learn something new (cello) and to return to the mission He has kept before me for pretty much all of my career (helping the abused). How can I go wrong, or fail, if I stay with Emmanuel Pantokrator?

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