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contradiction & confusion

I’m confused about some things:

  1. People argue for the right to public prayer under the 1st Amendment even though Christ instructed us to pray humbly in our closets. Matt. 6:5-7

  2. People argue that marriage should be redefined as between same gender, because the equal protection clause should not be hindered by 18th century definitions, but they maintain that the right to bear ‘arms’ should be limited by the 18th century definition of ‘gun.’

  3. People argue that “bearing arms” should keep up with modern definitions, but not “marriage.”

  4. Some advocate for specifically Christian principles in U.S. law and government in spite of the fact that Christ did not insert Himself into government even when encouraged to do so.

  5. I’ve heard people praise the Constitution in the same breath that they complain that “clowns in black gowns” should not interpret it, although Article III (2) states clearly that “the judicial power shall extend to all cases in law and equity arising under this Constitution.”

  6. Some claim that there is no “war on Christians” although in some nations they are executed for their belief alone.

  7. Advocates of science leading the way to truth seem to disregard the volumes it has told us about the personhood of fetuses since 1973.

  8. Both the right and the left claim the founding fathers to be part of their group, having started a nation based on their principles, in spite of clear evidence that the fathers were a mixed group who drafted documents as one compromising team.

  9. So many claim God and His love but then make accusations of Godlessness against any who merely disagree with their ideas or challenge their status.

  10. Political parties are establishing a pattern of valuing loyalty to party above loyalty to principles or state.

If only I could make it to Wittenberg. . .

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