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Too fat

Too nerdy 

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Too skinny

Too phat

I’ve so little control of

What’s under my hat

Wearing the wrong shirt

Buttons don’t match

Wife says I can’t

Wear shoes with a latch

Hair is too short

But don’t grow it out

Keep it just right

Can’t look like a lout

You look like a boy!

You run like a girl!

I’m embarrassed by you!

I think I may hurl.

Who made the rules?

I sought not your view.

Nobody’s told you?

You didn’t know you blew?

My standard’s not you,

Or your best friend

You value homogeny

I prefer a blend.

Shades and colors and textures make art

A nation of sameness just isn’t smart.

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#politics #weight #diet #diversity #poetry #individual #race #poem #geek #nerd #prejudice

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