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50 yr eval

I turned 50 about a month ago. I have yet to reach an age for which I’m not ready, where I feel like I haven’t accomplished enough for my age, or at which I am dissatisfied with who or what I am. 50 is no exception.

I have learned some things in the last year or so:

  1. Don’t bother sharing thoughts, hopes, dreams, disappointments etc. with others. They are most often met with an enduring apathy or a fast fading sympathy.

  2. Don’t expect a return on investments in other people. Do it out of altruism or don’t do it.

  3. Don’t give up that thing you want for the sake of a relationship if the other person values that thing more than the relationship.

  4. Don’t give yourself to people who see you as nothing more than a replaceable commodity.

  5. Don’t place people on pedestals. Those who want that will self-promote without your help, and those that don’t should be granted that wish.

  6. Do love the most unloveable. They are likely that way because they haven’t felt much love.

  7. Do take breaks. Avoid working yourself to death. You have only 1 life.

  8. Do listen to other people. Their thoughts, hopes, dreams, disappointments etc. Give a crap.

  9. Do invest in people when you are able.

  10. Do go for what you want, without yielding to people who aren’t willing to yield to you.

My mind is haunted with my own depression and therefore the angst and troubles of people all over the world, that I don’t even know, are drawn into me like iron emotions to a magnetic soul. I have learned that I cannot fix it.

But I have learned to keep trying, just for the sake of not giving in.

So . . . I will love, listen, invest, and relax some in between.

#disillusionment #try #giveup #disappointment #Faith #hope #keepon #anxiety #love #Depression

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