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life goes on.

Picking up on the old story, in January of 2004 M & I had two small children and sleep was not a reliable friend to us. People told us back then that it would pass, but when you’re in the shadow of the one cloud in an otherwise blue sky it’s hard to understand that it’s not just a dark day. We were catching sleep when the kids allowed it – C being 3 yrs old and L being just several months old. I don’t know why kids insist on taking turns sleeping when they won’t politely take turns at anything else.

I was operating a private charity law firm and although God was providing our needs and we were thankful, we were squeaking by financially. As I said, looking back I see that those times were a small spot in our lives, but when we were under the cloud it didn’t seem temporary.

I recorded several of my prayer issues of January 2004, and looking back, some were answered with a yes, some with a no, and some neither, as far as I can tell.  This is an interesting thing. I’ve heard a lot of people through the years insist that God always answers prayers and that sometimes we just mistake a “no” for a non-answer. I honestly do not subscribe to this idea, and I’m interested in the thoughts of the widely varied readers of this. Please help here. I have more to say on point, but I want to hear some perspectives first. In the WordPress comment section as opposed to Facebook, to facilitate a singular thread. I hope this works.

The question: Does God always answer all prayers? I feel like I should define “answer,” so what I mean by that is an affirmative or negative response relevant to the request. I’m suggesting He ignores some. I’m not even suggesting that’s a bad thing, anymore than me not answering all my kids’ requests.

So again now, does God answer all prayers?

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