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The Team

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David Hogue

Attorney at Law, PLC

I focus on you as a person, rather than your singular legal issue. That means that we work together to find the issues tied into your presenting legal issue, and collaborate with other professionals to solve your problems, ultimately restoring, or instilling, peace of mind.


Whitney Hickerson

Mediation Specialist

A certified mediator specializing in divorce and co-parenting cases, Whitney serves as a guide to parents navigating this difficult process. A divorced parent herself, she approaches the mediation process with empathy and a desire to support parents as they work to establish separate homes and create a stable environment for their children.


Allison Guillot

Private Investigator

As Hogue Legal Service’s lead investigator, Allison Guillot gathers information and facts so you can uncover the truth and minimize your risks. With more than a decade of experience in legal and investigative work, Allison has honed her ability to perform discreet and effective investigations.

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